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    Friday, August 6th, 2021
    [ phantomtruth ]
    WHO Avery Duffield, Henry Claus
    WHEN March 2019
    WHERE on the town, in a haunted house!
    WHAT two guys on an... interesting first date
    WARNINGS tbd

    my loneliness is killing me )

    Current Mood: cold
    Monday, August 2nd, 2021
    [Filtered to the Merry Men]

    I know we've all had a lot going on personally of late so it's hardly a surprise that we haven't being paying attention to local politics if it's not scrolling on a screen past us... but we should probably take note that Prince John is running for Mayor. I don't think there's any chance of him winning this time around since I've barely heard anything about him in it, but who knows what might happen in future.

    [Filtered to Robin]
    I talked to him today. He suspects we've got something to do with the Sheriff being gone.
    [After waking up with Mary in the back of his van, both of them sweaty and satisfied and needing a shower, Much heads home. Still feeling guilty about kinda running away last night but it's done now and... Well, it's done now, and he's home again, and at least, nothing worse with Hybris has happened? Much still feels shitty about leaving, although a long drive and a longer fuck with Mary really, really felt like it was exactly what he needed, like, more than anything, and shouldn't a guy put his own needs first sometimes?

    Yeah, not when your friends are in trouble, you dick, Much thinks.


    Hey man I just caught up on Clio's post last night. WTF?? Someone got you and you escaped like a freaking badass ninja?? Are you okay??
    [Muses minus Melpomene, and Apollo]

    Melpomene is missing. She left a note a few days ago saying she is alright, but she and her son have left her apartment and are noncontactable. I was hoping she would return on her own but she has not. Have any of you heard from her? Or have any clues where she might be? With everything, with her tenuous mental state right now, I fear for hers and Telos' safety.


    Please, dear one, where are you? What happened to scare you away? Please let me help you, tell me who or what it is you fear. You know I can be discreet. I have been tearing my hair out with worry for you.

    I love you, please at least let me know you are both safe.

    Current Mood: worried
    [Filtered to the Merry Men EXCEPT Stutely edit: INCLUDING Stutely]

    I wanted to let you all know so this doesn't become a big deal and no one is worried about my mental health: Melpomene came to see me the other day, incredibly upset. Some very bad things went down with Apollo and she attacked him and has renounced him.

    She and Telos are currently hiding out at a hotel room under my name while she works out what to do next. None of her family knows where she is or what has happened and she's trying to keep it that way.

    I know that Melpomene and me and our break up and all the following... everything made me into a mess, but I cannot turn my back on her right now, especially when she's alone and scared. Especially when I broke up with her because of her association with Apollo in the first place.

    So we're not back together, but she needs a friend. I'm being that friend.

    [Filtered to Stutely]
    There's something I want to tell you about that I am telling the other lads about, but it would require you to keep something from Clio that she may ask about, or that you might feel morally obligated to tell her about.

    Do you still want to know?
    [ venusfeltsofar ]
    WHO: Aphrodite and Ares
    WHEN: Sunday evening
    WHERE: Ares and Dite's original apartment
    WHAT: Reuinions
    ... )
    [William Stutely]

    Hello, sir. Have we met? I feel I know of you by reputation, at least, because our mutual friend Clio speaks of you so highly.

    I fear she... misunderstood what I was trying to achieve by talking to Hybris just recently, and I hope you will understand that I was not trying to cause trouble, I was merely curious to see what the creature is up to now, and if it is something that I should perhaps try to put a stop to. Hybris can be extremely unpredictable and also very quick to get offended, so I had to allay suspicions, of course. You would understand, you've done your share of subterfuge, I know!

    You and I should get to know each other better, if you are going to be around for a while. Welcome to the family! Please believe me when I say I only want the best for Clio and for you, and I wish for a fresh start. Feel free to tell her I messaged you, if you want. She may be angry. That is her right. But you have a right to make up your own mind too. If you don't want to speak to me, fair enough. But I'm not going away, so it might be in your interests to meet me, if not in the middle, then at least a step or two out. Consider this my olive branch to you.

    Oh, and your woodwork is simply superb craftsmanship. Very well done.

    Current Mood: optimistic
    Sunday, August 1st, 2021
    [Friends Only]

    I'm just going to take a week off and stay in a cabin in the woods. See you all in a week.

    Current Mood: anxious
    [Merry Men]

    1) I am once again not speaking to Hermes.

    2) Tuck, did I hear you right? Did you say Judas had come to your church a while back? Did you by any chance have drinks with him last night and then- Did something happen?

    Current Mood: worried
    [ ephemerist ]
    WHO: Clio, Will Stutely
    WHEN: Wednesday afternoon, July 28th
    WHERE: Home!
    WHAT: Anniversary pressies!
    WARNINGS: TBA? Will they fuck? Who knows?!
    ... )
    [ philosophos ]
    WHO: Henry Claus, Iestyn Ceredig
    WHEN: Sunday evening
    WHERE: Henry's
    WHAT: Surprise! Smut.
    WARNINGS: ...smut...
    ... )
    Filtered to Prince John (later opened for Robin to view)
    I heard that my boys punched you in the face a bunch of times and ransomed your own art back to you.

    Good. I hope both things hurt, very much so.

    Current Mood: angry
    ⚔︎ 046 | text to Clio, backdated to Wednesday 28 July
    [The months of last year all blur together in his mind. In amongst the twin threats of Gisbourne and the Sheriff, the death and the loss and the waiting, the endless waiting, the passage of days ceased to mean much except more lost time, more wasted opportunities. It's little wonder his other anniversary (the twisted anniversary, the too-complicated-to-think-about anniversary) sailed past without his noticing.

    But this is an anniversary he wants to remember. He knows she will. His love remembers everything. He scrolled back through a year's worth of messages to get the date exact. Double-checked it to be sure.

    This week last year, Tuck introduced him to Clio. And a year ago to the day, Will had drinks with Clio at Diogenes. And even though he was a bit of a plonker, half of him wanting to get to know her better, half of him set on convincing her she didn't want to know him, she'd still taken him home, and they'd kissed on her sofa, and she'd held him. She'd seen him.

    He finished the bookcase almost a week ago, but he's waited for today to bring it over cos he thought it might make her smile the more. It's only a day on the calendar, but even if History's about more than dates, they're still an indelible part.

    It ends up like a bit of a reverse heist, waiting for Clio to take Ella to Jacob's while Art sits with the truck idling around the corner. Takes a bit of shuffling of furniture, but the bookcase fits like a glove.]

    Today 2:39 PM
    hey sweeting. got a surprise for you in the living room when you get home
    [ friartuck ]
    WHO: Friar Tuck, Will Scarlet
    WHEN: Sunday afternoon
    WHERE: Hyrbis' and then parsonage
    WHAT: !!!!!
    ... )
    Priests, lol.
    [Text to Will - sent a few hours after he headed out to a bar to have drinks with Judas on Sat night. Then his phone is turned off.]

    Today 11:42 PM
    Don't wait up.
    Hot redhead.
    Saturday, July 31st, 2021
    [ lyra_yes ]
    WHO: Lyra, Apollo, Rosario
    WHEN: Saturday afternoon
    WHERE: Interrogation city
    WHAT: Lyra goes deep undercover
    WARNINGS: None

    ... )
    [ whyaspooncousin ]
    WHO: The Sheriff of Nottingham, Michael
    WHEN: Up to Saturday
    WHERE: Michael's
    WHAT: Life as a prisoner
    WARNINGS: Wanking talk
    ... )
    [ coolwaters ]
    WHO Qebhet and Much
    WHEN Thursday night, 29 July
    WHERE Diogenes Club
    WHAT “Next time you’re, in stop for a drink”

    Qebhet was a homebody by nature )
    [ of_sherwood ]
    WHO: Robin Hood, Maid Marian
    WHEN: Saturday, mid-morning
    WHERE: Marian's
    WHAT: A chat
    ... )
    Friday, July 30th, 2021
    [ reluciente ]
    WHO Rosario Ortiz
    WHEN Wednesday 21 July, after this
    WHERE Bushwick, Brooklyn
    WHAT Aftermath of a revelation

    In the early evening, Rosario slipped back into the apartment )
    Saturday, July 31st, 2021
    [Merry Men, pretend this was posted right after the parole scene]

    Scarlet's officially off parole!

    Drinks at the Fox to celebrate! Let's gather as a family.

    Current Mood: cheerful

    How are you doing today, Judas?
    Friday, July 30th, 2021
    [ chippackets ]
    WHO: Kaden, Cathal, Marcie later
    WHEN: Friday afternoon
    WHERE: Marcie's family home, Cathal's later
    WHAT: Breathe in that oily air and make a new brother friend
    WARNINGS: None

    ... )
    [ friartuck ]
    WHO: Friar Tuck, Robin Hood, Will Scarlet
    WHEN: Friday morning
    WHERE: Courthouse then maybe the Fox to celebrate?
    WHAT: Parole hearings
    ... )
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